Leo McCarey
(1898 - 1969)


1921 SOCIETY SECRETS director
1924 ALL WET (short) director
1925 BAD BOY (short) director
1925 INNOCENT HUSBANDS (short) director
1926 BE YOUR AGE (short) director
1926 CRAZY LIKE A FOX (short) director
1926 DOG SHY (short) director
1928 WE FAW DOWN (short) director
1929 LIBERTY (short) director
1929 RED HOT RHYTHM director, co-story
1929 THE SOPHOMORE director
1929 WRONG AGAIN (short) director
1930 LET'S GO NATIVE director
1930 THE SHEPPER-NEWFOUNDER/PART TIME WIFE director, co-screenwriter
1930 WILD COMPANY director
1931 INDISCREET director
1932 THE KID FROM SPAIN director
1933 DUCK SOUP director
1934 SIX OF A KIND director
1935 RUGGLES OF RED GAP director
1936 THE MILKY WAY director
1937 THE AWFUL TRUTH director, producer
1937 MAKE WAY FOR TOMORROW director, producer
1939 LOVE AFFAIR director, producer, co-story
1940 MY FAVORITE WIFE co-producer, co-screenwriter
1942 ONCE UPON A HONEYMOON director, producer, co-story
1944 GOING MY WAY director, producer, story
1945 THE BELLS OF ST. MARY'S director, producer, story
1948 GOOD SAM director, producer, co-story
1952 MY SON JOHN director, producer, story, co-screenwriter
1957 AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER (remake of LOVE AFFAIR) director, co-story, co-screenwriter
1958 RALLY 'ROUND THE FLAG, BOYS! director, producer, co-screenwriter
1962 SATAN NEVER SLEEPS/THE DEVIL NEVER SLEEPS (US/UK) director, producer, co-screenwriter

Leo McCarey